Generally speaking, everything operates around a portable document format (PDF). Fillable sections allow users to type directly into the form, thus eliminating the need to print and complete with a pen. Government offices, professionals, and schools all use PDF forms, however many of these documents do not have fillable sections enabled. By using fillable documents you can save time and increase accuracy. Portable documents are also excellent for archiving purposes and for the purposes of a paperless office. In addition, portable documents have extremely small file sizes which make them ideal for storage.  Contact Adroit Design Firm, LLC today to design and/or convert existing forms for your business or organization to help maximize the benefits of fillable forms. 

Fillable Form Advantages

Easy, Fast & Convenient to Use

Users can easily open, fill in and submit forms within their web browser or they can save a form on their computer, fill it in offline, then print the form to fax, mail or hand deliver the form. To replace data you’ve already entered in a field, place your cursor after the data and then backspace to erase, then type in new data. Pressing the tab key allows you to move within a form.

Environmentally Friendly

Collecting and distributing electronic forms can significantlyreduce paper consumption, as a result helping you run a “greener” business. You can download blank forms and save them for future use. Fillable PDF forms can be filled in electronically and printed, saved or automatically sent by email.

Helps Reduce/Eliminate Costly Errors

By working electronically, you’ll be able to collect and process form data efficiently, as a result decreasing the chance for errors. Tool tips can also be added to the form to explain details of the form.

Smooth Integration

Forms can be integrated into web browsers or links added to emails for quick and easy access and download. The information can be read and converted into a database format for later use.

100% Legible Text

Why deal with messy and hard-to-read handwriting when it can be prevented? Fillable forms provide 100% clear and legible on screen text.

Convenient File Access & Archiving

Keep your records compact and organized by saving completed PDF forms on your computer for easy archiving and quick access.

Easy to Update and 100% Re-usable

Make changes to your form and re-deploy updated versions in a matter of minutes.